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Body Feeding Support
We offer comprehensive support, in your home, for situations including:
  • Painful nursing

  • Insufficient milk or slow weight gain

  • Poor latch or suck

  • Transitioning from exclusive pumping to the breast

  • Breast/Chest feeding after surgery

  • Twins and multiples

  • Oversupply issues

  • Other breastfeeding difficulties



At an initial lactation consult, we come to your home, where you and your baby can relax and be comfortable. We will take a brief history of any medical issues you may have had before or during pregnancy that might affect breastfeeding, as well as any problems you have currently. We will review the baby’s eating and growth patterns, and any concerns or advice your pediatrician has mentioned.


When your baby is at the chest, we will observe for signs of effective latch and milk transfer, and coach you as necessary on how to encourage effective, comfortable nursing. If your baby is getting supplemental feedings, we will discuss and practice ways to offer supplement with minimal disruption to breastfeeding. We encourage you to ask questions or raise any concerns you might have, either during the visit or afterwards.



Many parents are successfully combining employment and nursing. A one-on-one consult gives you a chance to ask questions about expressing milk, maintaining milk supply, or whatever is on your mind.

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