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Mary's "induction" massages were amazing and I am excited to go back for massages regularly. They listened on our initial tele visits and tuned in to the areas I had anxiety about and needed help. They were very patient with me leading up to labor and gave lots of helpful advice. Jess was so fast getting to the hospital when I said I was ready for her. Jess did not leave my side the entire duration of labor and delivery. I would not have made it through my VBAC without her coaching and reassurance. She was a Godsend. Jess and Mary are a great team and I am so glad I found them.



Jess gave great information to help me prepare for labor and delivery, and I had such a better experience because of her prep.

If it weren't for Jess, I would have completely forgotten all the things I had wanted in the moment because it was so hectic. She was the calm reminding voice in the room, and I'm so grateful for her support. Because of her I was able to have the experience I wanted. My husband was skeptical at first that we needed a doula but now agrees that hiring Jess made a huge difference in how smooth and positive the experience was. Thank you!!



Jess was incredible! She was super informative and helpful during all of our classes to help my partner and I to prepare for our labor and delivery. It was nice having her to reach out to when I started having contractions and also having her there in the hospital. She was comforting, supportive and knowledgeable and am so happy we chose her to help us through my first pregnancy and delivery.

~Jessica M

We are so incredibly grateful for our relationship with Jess! She is a member of our family now and was essential to the feelings of calm and love we felt throughout the birth of our daughter. Jess met with us first to share her wisdom and expertise and that was the beginning of my calm. My worries as a first time mom went out the window as I could clearly picture what to expect with labor (the good, the bad and the ugly). Knowing we could call or text Jess anytime with questions added a second layer of calm, and on the night I went into labor the fact that my husband could communicate with Jess throughout the whole process was invaluable! (We called her when my water broke, before heading to the hospital, upon arrival, when considering an epidural, and for every major step until she was there with us.) My birth was anything but easy and yet my husband and I felt so supported. Whether it was collecting extra pillows for my comfort, reminding us to eat, guarding our sleep from nurse checkups, or further explaining in the moment questions after the fact when we needed a reminder, Jess had our backs! Our parents were anxious and concerned texting and calling for updates, but we remained strong and at ease throughout the whole 36 hour affair- for two anxious people this is not a small thing and was entirely due to Jess’s care. After the birth too, when we were home with our whole life turned upside down, Jess came over to support me and my husband. She helped us gain confidence and understanding as new parents when we needed it the most. There are not words to capture how much it meant to us both, how much Jess means to both of us! We love her with all our hearts.

~Vanessa C

Jess prepared us by helping us think through all of the possible scenarios, she asked us the questions in advance to get us thinking months before we were in the delivery room. That day we were more informed about our rights, what we wanted and what we did not want. As soon as she arrived at the hospital I got a renewed sense of energy and drive to handle the contractions.

Essential. Uplifting. Reassuring. An advocate, safe space and necessity. 

- H.R.

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