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Prenatal Support Uniquely for You

Employing the services of a trained doula can help empower you to make planning decisions that will help to ensure your labor and birth experience feels safe, affirming and powerful. 


Research shows that the support of a doula, when used in conjunction with that of a medical provider, will improve your sense of empowerment, outlook on your birthing experience, and result in fewer medical interventions in the delivery room.  


We work with all families to tailor their doula experience to fit their needs.  We are passionate about educating pregnant folks about pregnancy, labor and delivery. There should be no power hierarchy in pregnancy. Pregnancy should not feel like a medical procedure or something that is being done "to you". It is a natural process that you should feel empowered.

We are here to remind you of your power and your innate wisdom.

Prenatal Support Can Include:


  • Comprehensive education to support during pregnancy, labor and beyond.

  • Integrative Birth Plan Development

  • Supportive services with reductions or abortive procedures.

  • Specialized help with infant loss and bereavement.

  • 24 hour per day, 7 days per week on call support

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