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Postpartum Support Services

What is a postpartum doula?
A postpartum doula is a trained doula who helps the birthing person recover from the process of childbirth and helps the family adjust to caring for another person.  

Why may I need the help of a postpartum doula?
Cultures all over the world take a "laying in" period, often up to 40 days, where the birthing person can heal, restore energy and bond with their baby. This is supported by family and their "village". The process of childbirth is an event which requires time to heal, get sleep, nourish your postpartum body and receive emotional support. Many folks do not have access to the "village" and that is where we come in! Our postpartum doulas provide educational, emotional, and physical support in your home.

How is a postpartum doula different from a nanny?
Postpartum doulas are hired to assist the parents and their families transition into their new world. We offer a wide range of support and we cater each visit to your needs, that day.  We provide new parent education, infant care tips, babywearing support and much more.

Postpartum Counseling and Birth Debriefing

We offer each of our clients one session with your doula to process their birthing experience. This session is included in the cost of your birthing package here, and additional visits can be added on afterward if needed.  

What Can Be Included In My Postpartum Visits?

  • One on one support and instruction on caring for the birthing person after childbirth

  • Lactation support and guidance

  • Infant care support and guidance

  • Babywearing tutorials

  • Integrative solutions for family stage transitions

  • Light cooking and cleaning

  • Support for partner/other household members to foster a loving, and peaceful parenting environment

How do I know how much support I'll need?

We offer a free consult to anyone curious about postpartum care. During this call we will get an understanding of what you need and, when you are ready, we will schedule your first visit. Postpartum visits are paid by the hour, rather than in a package. We start with a four-hour shift where your doula will observe and provide support. Together, you and your doula can create a plan and schedule future shifts. Your doulas will listen compassionately to your needs and help create a plan that is best for your family. 

I am not sure I will want a postpartum doula after I give birth. Can I purchase a birth support package and decide later?

Absolutely!! Postpartum is forever. We understand you may have family visiting, a parent on parental leave, and other reasons to wait. Contact us when you are ready! We cannot guarantee our schedules can accommodate but we will do our best. You could even ask for a gift certificate for postpartum services so you have it set aside for when you are ready!

Please see the Packages & Pricing page for more information.

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