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Bereavement Support

Our Services

We are here to support families through all types of loss with compassion, and understanding. 


Our services help you navigate all stages of grief with tangible resources that help bring solace.  Our bereavement support is customized to your needs and where you are at in this journey. 


The loss of a child, no matter the age, is a monumental event to cycle through.  We are trained to help you locate resources that are both within your financial reach, and appropriate for the stage of grief you are in.  This work can look and feel different for each family.  We always recommend having a consult with one of our specialists to learn more about bereavement care.  Support packages for families dealing with abortion, miscarriage, reduction, terminal diagnosis, stillbirth, and infant/toddler death are all different but can include:

  • virtual check ins

  • referrals to qualified LCSWs

  • 24/7 access to an experienced practitioner for crisis support

  • home visits to help facilitate, prolong, and progress difficult conversations surrounding the death of your loved one

  • help around the house

  • meal prep

  • help with surviving children

  • specialized support for non-birthing partners

Rose Quartz Package


Comprehensive Bereavement Package Includes:

  • Initial Consult

  • 5 Virtual Education Visits

  • Options For Birthing In Any Trimester

  • Prep For A NICU Stay

  • Continuous Support Through Delivery

  • Planning A Personalized Farewell Ceremony

  • 2 (1 HR) Postpartum Visits

  • Help Exploring Lactation Options After Loss

  • Mindfulness Instruction

  • Access to PDC Lending Library

  • Referrals Out To Practitioners In The Grief Community

  • Help Creating Mementos of Time Spent With Baby


We have different options for bereavement support.  Most families choose one of our packages as these offer the most comprehensive support options available.  Others who are at an advanced time in their journey (or loss has occurred over 18 months ago,) often choose to contract with us on an hourly basis.  In either case, a consult is required to reserve bereavement services.

Hourly Support

Starts At $35/Hr

This option is best suited for those who birthed with the help of a patient advocate of some kind (doula, friend, family member,) or have had a child before.  current or past clients of PDC may also qualify for this option.

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